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[Vuihoc Station] Level 2 - Unit 1B: Animals - Lesson 1

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Con hãy hoàn thành bài tập của Level 2 - Unit 1B: Animals - Lesson 1 nhé

[Vuihoc Station] Level 2 - Unit 1B: Animals - Lesson 1
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Gửi quý phụ huynh và các con của Vuihoc Station,

Vuihoc Station gửi bố mẹ và các con nội dung học tập của  Level 2 - Unit 1B: Animals - Lesson 1 nhé. Bố mẹ hãy cho các con luyện tập trước khi làm bài tập về nhà nhé.

Chúc các con có những giờ học vui vẻ, bổ ích cùng Vuihoc Station!

I. Vocabulary

II. Grammar

A: What is this?

B: This is a tiger.

A: What is that?

B: That is a tiger.


III. Story

1. In a beautiful forest, a tiger and a lion want to be the king of animals. The tiger roars: "I have big feet and sharp claws!". The lion roars back: "I have scary teeth and a strong body!"

2. A bat and a snake watch from far away. The bat asks: "Is that a big tiger?" The snake says: "Yes, that is the tiger. And that is the lion".

3. All animals in the forest gather because the tiger and lion have contests. First, they run but they are both fast. Then, they climb, but their sharp claws make it easy for both. Suddenly, a zebra shouts: "Fire, fire!"

4. The tiger and lion run away. They forget to help others because they just want to win. They realize they can't be good kings. The animals say: "No need for a boss." They live happily together without fighting.

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